Cardio Bordeom? Switch It Up With Zumba Fitness


91 percent of people who start a fitness regime- even those with the best intentions- bail early, before the habit has even taken hold. 61 percent throw in the barely used towel within the first 7 days.

Why are people giving up? Well the reasons are universal: job pressures and family commitments. BUT at the top of the list: painfully long workout sessions that are boring.

A majority of people have suffered from workout boredom. It is difficult to find the motivation to get on that same piece of Cardio equipment and do the same old workout, day after day after day. That is why I strongly suggest mixing up your Cardio plan. Throw in some group fitness classes every once in a awhile. My favorite suggestion? Zumba Fitness classes.


If you haven’t tried it yet, you’ve surely seen fellow gym-goers shake their booty in the group fitness studio or seen the latest infomercials on TV. Zumba, a Latin-inspired-calorie-burning-dance-fitness-party, has become an international phenomenon. With over 12 million booty shakers in 125 countries, what keeps people coming back? Let’s take a deeper look:

  1. The Music- The fun, fast-paced Latin and top 40 beats put you in a good mood. You could start a class in the worst mood and by the end, you will leave with a smile on your face. The music is energetic, up-beat, and it keeps you motivated. People really let go when they do Zumba- they smile and laugh and they sing right along with the music.
  2. The Dancing- “There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them,” yes, it indeed is. I’m sure you can agree that something about dancing and moving to music makes us happy.
  3. The Stress Relief- A combination of the music, the dancing, the freeing of your mind– makes Zumba an amazing stress reliever. It’s a getaway.
  4. The Calorie Burn- Believe it or not, a 1-hour Zumba class burns an average of 800 calories. In fact, you can burn anywhere from 500 to well beyond 1,000 calories depending on your fitness level. Amazing? Yes.
  5. The TOTAL Body Workout- Zumba is a total body workout. You’ll feel it, everywhere, the day after you attend a class. Zumba gives your core an intense workout creating killer abs, while also increasing long, lean muscle growth in your arms and legs.
  6. The Body Shaping Results- Zumba is work. It isn’t a patty-cake program. You sweat, a lot.  But, in turn, Zumba will provide you with amazing results! Ask around. (A young woman in my class shared with me that she has lost over 200lbs with Zumba!)
  7. The Mental Clarity- Zumba improves mental clarity. Zumba releases your inhibitions and frees your mind. Zumba provides a mini mental vacation while working your body.
  8. The Improved Coordination- Zumba is accredited with improving coordination. It won’t turn you into a prima ballerina but Zumba sure helps your body function better.
  9. The Fun- Sometimes workouts can feel like punishments, Zumba is fun! You forget you’re actually working out when you do it. Even if you’re feeling lazy that day, after a few minutes of Zumba… your motivation is snapped back into place!
  10. The Nonjudgemental Atmosphere- The gym can seem competitive. Zumba classes aren’t. They provide a fun, energetic, and nonjudgemental atmosphere. Everyone is in the same boat- they’re there to workout and have a good time!

Yes. I am a Licensed Zumba Instructor. So maybe you believe that I have a somewhat biased opinion towards Zumba Fitness. But I can tell you, long before I ever dreamed of getting my Zumba License… I was a young, shy, girl who was just bored with her cardio regime.

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