In Honor of Glute Day, here’s one of my favorite stretches- Pigeon Pose.

This yoga pose opens up your hips by stretching the hip rotators (booty area) AND hip flexors (the long muscles that run along the front of your thighs & pelvis). I try to do this stretch before every workout because my hips are often tight. I’m talking everyday tight.

So, what causes tight hips?

First, modern life requires sitting all day, which keeps your hips from the rotation, flexion, and extension they need to remain agile. Second, common sports such as running and cycling—and even an everyday activity like walking—demand hip strength but not flexibility. The third culprit is stress, which creates tension in your body, especially in your hip area, which is a complex cluster of powerful muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Even a little bit of stress-induced clenching can really lock them up.

So, short of tossing out your chair and entirely eliminating stress from your life, what can you do to unstick your hips and get them gliding freely again? For starters, you can start to incorporate Pigeon Pose into your daily routine.

Try it out! 🙂 Use the basic photo below for guidance.




Waking up for a Monday morning workout can be extra tough, especially if you spent your whole weekend on the couch or enjoying marvelous foods and spirits. (Hello Holidays!) Whether it’s before work, during lunch time, or after work- Not missing your Monday workout is important if you want a routine that you will stick to for more than a couple of weeks.

Here’s 4 Reasons Why:

1. Working out on a Monday will set momentum for the rest of your week. Never underestimate the power of momentum. Starting your week off on the right foot will give you the push you need to finish off strong.

2. When you train, your body releases endorphins and this can be a great way to get over your case of the “Mondays” that we all seem to experience.

3. You will be more likely to eat healthy throughout the day, as you will be in a healthy mindset.

4. Sticking to your scheduled Monday sweat-sesh will make you feel in control of your week, and that you can take on anything!

If you need additional motivation, don’t hesitate to search the #nevermissamonday hashtag on social media! 🙂



Why do YOU workout?
Please share in the comments below!

I workout because I believe that when the body is strong, the mind thinks strong thoughts. 🙂



Maintain. Don’t Gain.
Your Guide to Surviving the Holidays!

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Happy Holidays XO


Experts once recommended a seemingly endless array of crunches to help sculpt six-pack abs.

Today, we know that crunches and situps aren’t likely to get you the ab-fab results you really want.

Planks reign supreme as the ultimate tummy toner.

But what makes the ground-grazing move so effective at sculpting your abs?

The secret is in the mechanics.

The plank is a static, isometric exercise that requires the abdominals to stop movement while also supporting the spine. It’s a far more functional exercise than crunches, plus planks are generally safer for the lower back. But most important, they work. A study from 2011 showed that elbow planks were more than twice as effective at core and spine activation than traditional crunches.

So, how can you keep raising the challenge to get flat abs for good?

The plank is a good foundational movement, but you need to progress it if you want a reactive core that helps you move in ways that more closely relate to what happens in real life.

For example, when you pick up your kids, your abs to have react to this unpredictable movement. To keep the demands on your core constantly changing, try these two killer plank variations that will get you a strong core, fast.

SUPER PLANK (elbow to full)

BEGIN in elbow plank position with your elbows under your shoulders and palms facing each other, feet hip width.

PRESSING through your toes and keeping tension in your trunk and hips, straighten right arm and plank right hand in top of push-up position.

STRAIGHTEN your left arm, pressing up into push-up position

HOLD the plank at the top for one count, then slowly reverse the movement, lowering left forearm and then right, without rotating the hips.

SWITCH the order to lift back up, planting left hand first, then right, Then lower your right elbow first, continue alternating for 30 seconds.

HIP DIPS (side to side)

BEGIN in elbow plank position with your elbows under your shoulders and palms facing each other, feet hip width.

LOWER right hip towards floor, return to starting position, then lower left hip towards floor.

SWITCH hips from side to side, keeping abs tight, continue alternating for 30 seconds.




This Challenge will follow a totally new format- with 4-days/week workout plan (home or gym) + nutrition guidelines + videos to ensure proper form + constant contact with your very own personal trainer! 🙂

Start date is set for Feb. 23rd into the first week of April, but enrollment begins NOW!

The Challenge is $50 USD and includes EVERYTHING  you need to jumpstart your fitness journey! NOTE: This is one of  the cheapest Online Personal Training Programs on the market. Your training costs LESS than $10/week and LESS than $2/day! Give up your daily Starbucks for 6-weeks and your training will pay for itself! 🙂

I will select 1-2 winners from the Challenge based on their progress pictures and support of the Challenge and it’s participants. The winner(s) will receive a $75 gift card towards the store of their choice!


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Primadonna Fitness has a NEW LOOK!

Hello everyone & Happy 2015!

I apologize for the break in posts. I have had trouble choosing a host domain for our website. Primadonna Fitness was originally through GoDaddy, but I have personally decided to change servers due to recent campaigns within their company.

Instead of our primary domain will be (simple enough, right?)

It is a NEW YEAR & I have TONS of plans on the table for Primadonna Fitness.


  • DAILY Heath & Fitness Posts
  • Seasonal Workout Challenges
  • A Fitwear Line- Flex Appeal Apparel
  • In-Gym Seminars
  • Youtube Channel to Show Exercises & Proper Form
  • Personal Training Testimonials

I’m so excited to be back with you all! Let’s show 2015 who’s boss! 🙂


Jill LaMancuso

Primadonna Fitness Founder